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Susan Beauchamp, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Project Management Professional and Senior Consultant

Susan Beauchamp is the founder of Beauchamp Consulting and the co-founder and managing Director of OpExecs, providing customer-specific consultation and accelerated project management since 2002.  She is a relationship builder, skilled process analyst, Lean Six Sigma expert, highly effective trainer, experienced project manager and executive coach. She integrates with executive-sponsored teams to quickly and effectively translate strategies and training into results. Susan has a 20+ year proven track record as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has utilized Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques to assist corporations in executing process improvement projects in both service and manufacturing environments.  She has applied Lean Six Sigma in several diverse environments and industries including: government, telecommunications, chemical manufacturing, corporate IT and sourcing, billing applications and industrial manufacturing.

Susan’s experience spans both large and small corporations at all management levels across a variety of functions. She has successfully trained more than 1,400 personnel in areas that include Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Champion and Sponsors, Project Management, Workout Facilitation and Change Management.   She is passionate about sharing Lean Six Sigma thinking with individuals to transform the way people act when solving problems to accelerate results.

Susan is an experienced instructor who develops training materials, trains and certifies students for Lean and Six Sigma for Villanova/Bisk University, public and private organizations.  She is a Subject Matter Expert, Professor and Net Promoter Score survey lead for professional certifications.

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Fidel Kandell, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Senior Consultant

Fidel Kandell is a co-founder and managing Director of OpExecs, formed in 2020 to provide value-added services in operational excellence. He is a skilled engineer with experience as a project manager and expertise in strategic restructuring programs, transfers of work, assembly line start-ups, divestitures and new product introductions. Fidel has a proven track record as an operations leader, program director and operational excellence director who works with top-level executives and cross-functional teams to plan and deploy effective strategic and tactical plans with significant cost-saving results. With over 28 years' experience optimizing operational processes, he has become a master of using Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to implement continuous process improvement projects in industrial environments.

Fidel’s process expertise includes electro-mechanical manufacturing, foam manufacturing, facility operations, materials planning, customer service, sourcing, project management, and restructuring programs. He was a plant manager for six years with General Electric. He has worked on many projects and factories across Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile and Brazil, and is fluent in Spanish.

Fidel is an experienced instructor who has trained and certified 100+ green belt students for Lean and Six Sigma. On a personal note, Fidel is an avid traveler who also enjoys riding his ’99 HD Sportster around back country roads throughout North Carolina.

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Wendy James, LSS Green Belt, Communications and Marketing Professional

Wendy James is currently the Marketing and Communications Manager for Beauchamp Consulting in West Chester, PA. She works with the principal and other consultants to provide Six Sigma process improvement training as well as communication and marketing expertise.  Prior to her current job, Wendy was a marketing and branding specialist at the DuPont Company. She has more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience across 16 major business segments in DuPont where she helped launch many new products and developed marketing and brand expertise by supporting renowned brands such as Freon®, Corian® and Tyvek®.

Wendy is a creative and skilled problem solver capable of quickly completing projects for optimal business results. She excels at both developing marketing communications strategies to support business goals and executing communications like presentations, websites and ad campaigns that support strategic objectives.   Wendy earned her BA in Advertising at Penn State.

Wendy is enthusiastic for just about anything she does including running, biking, skiing, golfing, playing tennis, traveling, cooking and reading.  She is married to Dan for almost 25 years and they have two children, Evan (20) and Danielle (16).

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Layla Kashani, LSS Master Black Belt and Senior Consultant

Layla Kashani is an Associate of Beauchamp Consulting, offering targeted and industry specific consulting for its clients since 2008.  Layla is a seasoned continuous improvement professional who offers program implementation, project management, and process design consulting services based upon the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  A former General Manager from a division at GE, Layla has global operations management experience throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. She uses her financial acumen along with process improvement tactics to increase benefit realization without disrupting day to day operational targets.  The approach helps remove risk, waste, and increase efficient operations by using best practices, sharing tools, tactics, and approaches to bring about rapid and sustainable change to an organization.  Her industry experience includes telecommunications, oil & gas, finance, banking, technology, and food & beverage industries.

Layla enjoys helping her clients discover and assess the way they work, to find ways to improve that are beneficial and above all sustainable. Her ability to work with all levels of an organization, finding the common objectives, is the key to her method to bring about lasting and improved change to an organization.

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 Tina Agustiady, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Continuous Improvement Leader

Tina Agustiady is a partner at InnovaNet where she holds the title of, Director of Continuous Improvement.   She was responsible for the strategic and tactical implementation of a lean system deployment and furthering the transformation to a Lean culture to support strategic business initiatives and help drive overall operational excellence within the Continuous Improvement initiative for a $2 Billion manufacturer of construction components by focusing on management of cross-functional teams and improvement of operational metrics and objectives at all levels of the organization.

Tina consistently improves cost, quality, and delivery by applying Lean and Six Sigma tools to achieve improvements through a simplification process. Tina is an experienced leader who has facilitated many Kaizen, 5s, and Root Cause Analysis events throughout her career in the healthcare, food, and chemical industries.  She has conducted six sigma training and improvement programs in the Baking industry at Dawn Foods and at Nestlé Prepared Foods where she held positions as a Six Sigma Product and Process Design Specialist responsible for driving optimum fit of product design and current manufacturing process capability, reducing total manufacturing cost and consumer complaints.

Her many activities and responsibilities include serving as the past Lean Division President and current Technical Vice President of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE).  She has served as a board director and chairman for the IISE annual conferences and Lean Six Sigma conferences.

Agustiady is an instructor who trains and certifies students for Lean, Six Sigma, Innovation, Design of Experiments and Business Process Management for IISE, Lean Sigma Corporation, Six Sigma Digest, and Villanova/Bisk University.  She is a Subject Matter Expert, Professor and Course Designer for professional certification programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees at Villanova University and Bisk Education.

Speed and Focus

Beauchamp Consulting offers customized, one-on-one consultation based upon each individual customer’s specific requirements. Whether you need a quick assessment of where to start your process improvement or complete project ownership and execution for accelerated results, we can support you in achieving your goals. Our size and experience allow us to perform nimbly and with laser-sharp focus on improving at the level you require for results.  Working together, we will conduct the initial analysis to determine where to focus.  You pay for and receive exactly what you need more quickly with Beauchamp Consulting as we hit the ground running and document our agreed strategy within a matter of days.

Our unique process improvement consultative approach includes goal setting and project selection with executive leaders, determination of how to best approach the project, executive program mentoring and wing to wing project/program leadership. It also includes frequent updates through formal and informal communication methods.

We are capable of building relationships within your organization based on our results-oriented approach and expert capabilities. We are experienced in working across internal and external organizational boundaries in order to integrate the entire value chain to address the opportunity.

We offer one of the world’s most effective Lean Six Sigma training programs targeted at your organization’s needs. In fact, our training program consistently receives the highest marks from participants with a diverse array of educational backgrounds and work experiences because our goal is to simplify Lean Six Sigma and show everyone how to use it in their specific function. The mathematical or statistical learning factor is communicated in a clear, understandable manner in our unique simulation exercises which make it fun to internalize key “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control” Six Sigma principles and techniques. Industry-specific examples are incorporated into the training materials so that participants can easily relate to real-world examples.


“My team has used Susan and her team as consultants on our strategic projects for several years now because of the experience and professionalism that they bring to the table. Susan creates the project timeline and tracking mechanism, coordinates underlying efforts to keep the project on track, documents everything, analyzes data, and asks the questions that keep the entire team engaged, creating a deliverable result that is always better than anticipated.”

Jim Geiss GE, Senior Manager –Global Operations – HQ – FP&A

“The experience was transformative. I learned to submit to process, evaluate outcomes, define operational goals, and think critically about how to provide solutions based on data. Operational excellence is no longer a guessing game! After learning and applying Lean Six Sigma practices, the initial results exceeded operational targets. Our stellar performance has continued over the past two years. Susan brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. She recognizes the complexity of teaching Six Sigma principles and understands that students learn differently. She acknowledges student strengths and gently encourages growth in areas of opportunity. Beauchamp Consulting creates an interactive and team-oriented learning environment that emphasizes collaboration, respect for others, and trust.”

Mary Morgan, Health Services Program Manager Office of Well-Being Child and Family Services Agency

Experience: All Functions, Big and Small Organizations, Corporate and Government environments

Our Experience crosses all functions including Sourcing, Logistics, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, New Product Development, Corporate Venture Capital, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Accounts Payable and Manufacturing. We have worked in the business and non-profit sectors and have a list of clients that includes General Electric, DuPont Company, Shell, BP, Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, United DC, Kidde Products, the George Washington University, Villanova University and the Washington District of Columbia City Administration.  By working closely with executives and their teams to accomplish their goals, we have generated much of our business from satisfied clients who provide us with additional challenges.


“Susan is a highly experienced Master Black Belt who has consulted with fortune 100 companies in the United States and Europe. She is a gifted teacher and mentor to her students. I have a deep appreciation for her ability to adapt her material, teaching examples, and teaching strategies to be effective in training municipal leaders. Not only does she have high standards, but she also cares enough to support her students in attaining high levels of achievement and doing remarkable organization performance improvement projects which have made really significant differences in a wide variety of government agencies. Her graduates still correspond with her and many of them have been promoted to positions of senior leadership in district government and beyond.”

Wendy James, Communication and Marketing Manager Beauchamp Consulting